Cavachons from The Monarchy Cavachon and CavaPooChon Puppies

Cavachon and CavaPooChon Puppies


December 2022

Special Message to all those who are on our Wait List as well as those visiting our site to find the finest quality Cavachons! We are now breeding for super hypoallergenic CavaPooChons. CavaPooChons are hybrid dogs that are made up of three different dog breeds:  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bichon Frise and Miniature Poodle.  To learn more about our CavaPooChons, Click here (word document will appear at bottom). Also check out the Crossbreeds Section of this site.

Please note– at our own discretion– we will make a puppy available to the public, to someone who may have extenuating or special circumstances.  We also may hold back a puppy from a litter that we will keep for future breeding purposes. Thank you.

We welcome any questions, you may contact me anytime. I am Meryl Callahan, Owner and Breeder. You may call me or text me at 413-454-2692 or send me an email at Thank you.

​Please refer to our Purchase page for the initial Questionnaire, Buyer’s Agreement and Health Guarantee!

We are excited to introduce our latest triple cross breed, CavaPooChons! As with our Cavachons, they are great therapy dogs!

Upcoming Litters and Go Home Dates

Allie’s Puppies (Cavachons) – January 2023

Julia’s Puppies (Cavachons) – February 2023

Piper’s Puppies (CavaPooChons) – March 2023

Please contact Meryl Callahan for upcoming Cavachon and CavaPooChon Litters.


Adoptive families live in: 

​Click HERE to see more past litters!

The Monarchy’s Guardian Home Program

Special Notice: We have a guardian program! Please click below to learn about our Guardian Program or give us a call.

Cavachon Puppies for sale near me

Cavachon Puppies for sale near me: The Monarchy is located in Holland, Massachusetts, a rural community in Western Massachusetts. For fifteen years we have also been a breeder of monarch butterflies for release, at special events and ceremonies, hence, the name The Monarchy. Our new and exciting endeavor is to breed specialty crossbreed dogs with hybrid vigor—Monarchy Cavachons.

Each puppy is a unique treasure. We provide high standards of care, safety and comfort with no corners cut. We follow a vigorous state of the art vaccination and deworming program. Our puppies can be expected to retain their good health and vitality as they mature into adult dogs.