Cavachons from The Monarchy Our Crossbreeds: Cavachons and CavaPooChons

Our Crossbreeds: Cavachons and CavaPooChons

Our Cavachons

Cavachon puppies from The Monarchy have a Bichon Frise mother and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Sire.

The Cavachons from The Monarchy puppies are bred from carefully selected parents which are genetically sound dogs with good temperaments, body structure and attractiveness.  Our Cavachon puppies come from purebred AKC registered parents. Hybrid vigor along with quality pedigreed parents enhance the general health of the Cavachon puppy.

Our beautiful Cavachon puppies are raised with our family. They are ‘spoiled’ with lots of attention. They are given daily creative challenges which build their confidence and results in a pup going home to you, ready to learn! When you adopt one of our Cavachons, you can look forward to a relationship with us for many years to come.

Sable Tri-color

cavachon puppies tri-color

Black Tri-color

cavachon puppies black tri-color


cavachon puppies beignets


cavachon puppies ruby

Cavachon puppies are a blend of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (sire) from which they take their markings and a Bichon Frise (dame). While the dominant color will be white, there are two additional color types such as that of our tri-color (Black and White) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is a tri-color with white, large black spots, and brown highlights around the face.

As our Tri-Color’s father is blenheim, some of his offspring will be blenheim: white with apricot markings around the eyes and ears. 

Our Red Ruby Cavalier, which is a solid, will produce Ruby and Ruby with white markings offspring. A beautiful combination.

Cavachons have:

  • Low to no-shedding, non-allergenic coat of the Bichon
  • Energy and playful nature of the Bichon
  • Sweet, friendly temperament of the Cavalier
  • Rich coat colors and variations of the Cavalier with the soft coat of the Bichon
  • People-loving personality and high intelligence
  • Stronger health than either purebred

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed may carry a genetic risk factor for mitral valve disorder. Crossbreeding a Cavalier with a Bichon Frise would reduce the risk for this problem, as the Bichon Frise does not carry that same genetic risk factor.

Bichon Frises may carry a genetic risk factor for juvenile cataracts. As Cavaliers do not, the hybridization of the two breeds reduces the probability of producing puppies that get juvenile cataracts.

These are just two examples of how crossbreeding to produce the Cavachon can improve the chances for healthy dogs by reducing the probability, and in most cases eliminating, some of the genetic related risks.

Enjoy reading even more family updates and browse photos of our adult Cavachons.  It’s nice to hear from so many happy families!


Our CavaPooChons

CavaPooChons, like Cavachons, are friendly dogs that like to be around their human companions.

A CavaPooChon is a specialty triple-cross bred puppy that is a “master mix” of desirable traits from:

Cavalier: Sweet, gentle energy level, large/round eyes, shorter noses.

Miniature Poodle: Sparkly personality, very high intelligence, no-shedding/dander coats. Great for those with severe allergies.

Bichon: Playful, fun personality, affectionate hearts, intelligent and happy dogs.

They are bred specifically for a beautiful, “teddy bear” face similar to our Cavachons.

A wide face with shorter nose that is more square shaped. They have larger, round eyes that are wide-spaced. Longer ears with little curls.

Well-Proportioned body to leg length.

They combine the best of the three breeds – for a low to no-shedding coat, sparkly personality, high intelligence, playful, fun energy level without being hyper or yappy, and a loving gentle heart.

They, just like the Cavachons, must come from parent dogs that have been tested and found to be free and clear of genetic faults and joint issues. “Triple-cross” breeding widens the gene pool three times over, which greatly minimizes or eliminates the risk of genetic faults in the puppies.

CavaPooChons will have large curls and soft coats.