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Pedigreed Parents

the Monarchy
Designer dogs with hybrid vigor

King Charles Spaniel (Sire of Cavachon)

Prince William


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an active, graceful, well-balanced toy spaniel, very gay and free in action; fearless and sporting in character, yet at the same time gentle and affectionate.

Size - Height 12 to 13 inches at the withers; weight proportionate to height, between 13 and 18 pounds.

Coat - Of moderate length, silky, free from curl. Slight wave. Feathering on ears, chest, legs and tail should be long, and the feathering on the feet is a feature of the breed.

Color - Tricolor - Jet black markings broken up on a pearly white background, with rich tan markings over the lines, on the cheeks, and on the underside of the tail.

Color - Blenheim - Rich chestnut markings well broken up on a clear, pearly white background.

Temperament - Gay, friendly, non-aggressive with no tendency towards nervousness or shyness.

Bichon Frise  (Mother of Cavachon)

Princess Pebbles

Princess Julia
Princess Julia
Dame Mabel
Dame Mabel
Baroness Gingere
Baroness Gingere


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