Cavachons from The Monarchy Resources and Products for New Owners

Resources and Products for New Owners

Cavachon puppies in Massachusetts

Cavachons from The Monarchy: Resources for Your Cavachon and CavaPooChon Puppies

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The Monarchy's Beignet and Bebe Beard
The Monarchy’s Beignet and Bebe Beard

A positive-only approach for dogs and cats. How do I book a walk, daycare, drop-in services or overnight stays?

The first thing to do when you want me to take care of your pet is call at 617-416-7827. If you and your pet are first-timers with Boston’s Best Pet Care, it is best to have a short ‘meet and greet’ somewhere close by.

Puppyhood Manual

Welcome to puppyhood-fun, exhausting and exciting all at once!  Owning a puppy can be overwhelming at times but with proper tools, training and education, everyone in the family will benefit.  Starting off on the right foot can mean a well-mannered, well-understood, easy to handle, life-long family member.  This guide attempts to cover basic puppy needs and behaviors that are commonly on the top of puppy owners’ list of questions. Click HERE to view or download.  Word Document may appear at the bottom left of your page.​

Puppy Developmental Stages

Click HERE to view or download “Puppy Developmental Stages.”  Learn about your puppies developmental milestones from birth and beyond.  This document may appear at the bottom left of your page.

Your Cavachon’s First Weeks at Home

Excerpted from ‘The Whole Dog Journal’, Belvoir Medica Group, LLC:  “Social Engineering”  The ‘Sweet Spot’ in your puppy’s life is between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks.  In the buffet of sensory stimulation that your puppy encounters, make sure his experience is a quick snack rather than a binge!  Click HERE to view or download “Social Engineering.”  This document may appear at the bottom left of your page.

Teeth Cleaning

Click HERE to view or download “Teeth Cleaning Directions.”

Nail Trimming

Click HERE to view or download “Nail Trimming Directions.”  This document may appear at the bottom left of your page.

Pet Insurance

Our Cavachon families have spoken highly of the following insurance companies.  We strongly encourage you to purchase pet health insurance for the well-being of your furred baby.

Trupanion Pet Insurance:

Embrace Pet Insurance: