Cavachons from The Monarchy

Cavachons from The Monarchy 
100 Maybrook Road
Holland, MA 01521
413-893-9012 or 413-455-4374

Cavachons From The Monarchy.

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More to come soon.

Here it is, what you have asked for!  What do our puppies look like as adults?  Enjoy reading family updates and seeing photos sent to us by our adoptive families!  It is wonderful to hear back from so many families.  We have provided the puppy's very early photos, with those sent by our families of the growing/grown puppy so you can see how they progress and develop into beautiful adult dogs.  Just click on a name or picture below, and it will lead you to that puppy's individual update as well as that family's experience with The Monarchy!

Updates and Photos From Our Adoptive Families