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Brody, Faye Family, Southington, CT

Phoebe, Doerries Family, Houston, TX

Phoebe and Dixie, Doerries Family, Houston, TX


Notes From Our Families
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January 2014

Dear Melanie,                              

What can I say?

Best. Puppy. Ever.

Seriously, we are all over-the-moon in love with Henry, and he seems to think we aren't too shabby either.

We are honestly amazed at how well he has transitioned.  Other than the first night, he has slept from 10 pm to 6:30 am without so much as a whimper through the night.  It's obvious that he loves his crate and sees it as a place of security and solace.  Whenever he wants a nap or if he needs some "chill time," he grabs his stuffed duck toy that you gave us and heads for some private snuggle time to himself.

House training is also going very well.  He gets right down to business when we take him outside and have had relatively few accidents in doors. For times when we are away for a longer chunk of time, we are using a sod square in his extended play area, and he's using that just fine.

I was bracing myself for a little more "work" from us to help him adjust in those two areas, but it has been far easier than I ever expected.

What else?

He LOVES the snow.  Seriously, I'd think he was some sort of snow bunny the way he gallops through it, snorts it up, and digs for some buried treasure that he thinks he may have found.

I am also pleased with just how good he is with our children, despite his puppiness and their little-kid-ish-ness.  Our 9 and 7 year old are quickly learning how to discern when he needs some down time and have learned the power of tone of voice and body language when playing with him.  I do need to keep a closer eye when our 2 year old plays with him, as I think he does see her as another puppy.  That being said, they all love him so much, and you should see him when they get home from school.  He's obviously missed them and is happy to see him.

I am attaching some recent photos of Henry that I thought you might enjoy.

Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put in loving these pups and getting them ready for their permanent homes.  I can only guess that the ease of transition to our home is a testament to the love, energy, and effort you put into those first weeks of his life.  

Warm regards,
The White Family


“Hi Melanie, Beignet is perfect in all visible respects, right now she is napping in her portable foam house that we have set up in the day pen.  We have just come in from a walk where Beignet attracted a lot of attention—even stopping traffic!  She is a very good girl. Today so far there have been no potty accidents.  The first night she did wake and needed to go outside but she has slept straight through the last two nights.   We also started using a puppy kong stuffed with frozen veggies, kibble and small amounts of cheese.  Twice now it has occupied her deeply for an extended period of time.  I periodically help her get some of the treats out so she does not get discouraged.  Our hearts were won at our first visit – now they are larger.  Bebe Beard and Dan Osterman, Boston, MA.


“Hi Melanie, Roxy is doing great and feeling right at home.  I work from home so am here most of the day with her and she gets so excited when the boys come home.  She is so funny, when I sit at my desk to do some work, she barks at me as if to say ‘why are you sitting . . . you need to play!  She really does seem very happy and well adjusted.  Sleeping great and loves to play with everyone! She wants to be outdoors as much as she can, she is so funny and loves to run with the kids.  I try to run with her but it just isn’t the same . . and certainly not pretty!   We are still trying to work on the leash walking but will take some time, so she can walk on the beach in Maine.. She will keep us young!  Lynn Gleason, Bolton, MA.

“Hi Melanie and Terry, I feel like a proud momma, Brody sleeps crated, downstairs, 8 ½ hours a night, no accidents and no crying! This little guy loves being outside!  He is a joy and we love him to death!  Loves to drag around the biggest sticks he can find and pretend he’s a big dog! Cannot even tell you how much we love him.  He gives kisses all the time; we get so many compliments on how adorable he is – we have Brady and Beignet to thank for that!  He is just sooo sweet, cuddly and playful.” Laurie Faye – Southington, CT.   


We received the chew toy for Bailey — thank you so much!  I’m going to try it with her this weekend and let you know if she likes it.   She is really a hit with the kids in the neighborhood.  Bailey had her first boat ride on Lake Sunapee this weekend — she was a trooper, and I think she liked it!  She looked really cute in her life jacket.  As far as her appetite, we gave her some scrambled eggs with kibble this morning and she gobbled it down!  No poop issues afterward . . . so I will continue with that.  We bought her some new dog food last night and I noticed an imme4diate difference today, we mixed it in with her old dog food and she ate 3 meals today—a huge improvement.  Sometimes she will eat the Greek yogurt as well, but other times not.  Eating-wise, today was such a good day, we are hopeful for the weekend.  She is running around like crazy right now in the backyard and her favorite toy is a plastic water bottle—hours of enjoyment for her!  Thanks for the support!  Tricia H., Mansfield, MA  


 “Buddy is doing very well.  He sleeps through the night, he is very attached to my husband and only has had 1 accident the first day which was our fault.  We are getting to know his personality and being firm and following your directions about the nipping which is common in puppies.   This usually happens when he is over stimulated so we are trying to catch this.  He doesn’t like grooming, I think.  I need to get a wire tooth comb.  We love him dearly and my son and his girlfriend were crazy about him!  Lynn Zayac, West Springfield, MA. 



Neo, Moganty Family, Rochester, NY

Brody, Faye Family, Southington, CT

Cavachons from The Monarchy

The Monarchy's cavalier with puppies

Neo, Moganty Family, Rochester, NY

'Beignet II, Beard Family, Boston, MA

Beignet II, Beard Family, Boston, MA

Brody, Faye Family, Southington, CT


Charlie, Foldes Family, Winchester, MA