Cavachons from The Monarchy

Cavachons from The Monarchy 
100 Maybrook Road
Holland, MA 01521
413-893-9012 or 413-455-4374

Murray at Eight Weeks

Lancelot, Murray's Father

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Murray as an Adult and Cavachon Puppy

Murray as Adult

Mom & Siblings 

Cavachon Dogs

Update from Nancy Hastings, Belchertown, MA  February 16, 2015

"I need to post about our Murray.  He loves children, We are senior citizens, our children are grown.  Murray gravitates to every child he sees.  He is gentle, plays, chases, and loves every kid he meets.  It's amazing.  I need to restrain him on walks from going to every child he sees.  The grandchildren in our condo community come to our door asking for him to play.  He's a joy.  

He is very smart.  So far he can sit, stay, sit up pretty, dance on hind legs, run through my legs on demand, follow, leave it, won't touch his food bowl without permission, goes on and off the couch, and his newest, will jump over a 6 inch high stick."

November 6, 2014:

"He is such a great dog.  Just learned 'roll over.'  So smart.  We love him.  He has a thing for heavy equipment.  He spends a lot of time on our porch watching the dumpsters, trucks, lawn mowers, etc., he has found his bark.  Not bad, but makes his needs known.  He now weighs 15 lbs.  He is the best dog.  Sleeps in our bed and needs to be touching us.  We are amazed at how he loves people, other dogs, and especially children."   (See more pictures of Murray below.)

 Name                               Mother, Sire and Date of Birth                 Adult Weight

Murray                          Haley & Lancelot - March 28, 2014                  15 pounds

Cavachons From The Monarchy

Haley, Murray's Mother