Cavachons from The Monarchy

Cavachons from The Monarchy 
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New Update:  February 23, 2015

I love seeing the picture of Autumn.  It's so interesting to see what she looks like.  Her body is very similar to Molly but her face is just a little different.  Molly is about 10 or 11 inches tall right now . . . to her shoulders.

We did hire a dog trainer to give me some guidance with Molly.  It's funny, the trainer said some of the same things 

I think the Accelerated Training Program you gave her was very helpful and worth it.  The biggest thing for me was the potty training.  The first night we brought her home she stayed in the crate a full 7 hours without an accident.  The crate training was huge for me.  She did have a few accidents in the house the first two weeks but I think it would have been much worse without the training.  Also, she clearly knew what to do when we brought her outside.  She also never gave us any problem with putting on a collar or a leash.  I think the training with the commands was good but I don't think two weeks was enough to learn sit, down and come.  She definitely knew sit and she picked up down very quickly.  The come command, though, is still a challenge for us.  I think one thing I would recommend when the puppy is picked up is to have a "new puppy training" session.  We should have sat down with you and learned how you were training Molly.  I should have watched what you were doing with Molly  in order to try and replicate it at home.  I think it would have been helpful for me to do the same with the grooming.  I am still not 100% sure I am cutting her nails correctly.  We were so excited to bring Molly home that we left without going over the finer details.

My husband has always had big dogs so he was wary of getting a small one but now he adores her.  Thanks for all your help."

Diana Overlan    

Name                        Mother, Sire and Date of Birth                    Adult Weight
Molly                   Penelope & Lancelot - September 19, 2014              8 pounds

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Lancelot, Molly's Father

Update from Diana Overlan, Stoneham, MA February 23, 2015 
"Molly turned 5 months old today!  I thought you might like to see what she looks like now.  She is doing great.  She loves playing with all of us and loves to snuggle.  She is a very sweet dog.  She is a bit timid, though.  I call her chicken little as she is always a little scared when we introduce her to new paople.  You will see that she has lost most of the brown hair around her eyes.  It is now almost all black and white. We all miss her brown highlights but she is still very cute!  

She is still  pretty small.  She's about 8 lbs.  We are still struggling a bit with training.  Molly has done great with the potty training and now even scratches on the door when she needs to go.  She is great with sit and down but doesn't always come when called.  I think we will enlist the help of a dog trainer.  We are looking forward to the spring so that we can really start taking her for walks.  We have so much snow here, it's crazy!

I can't say enough about how much we enjoy Molly.  She has been a great addition to our family.  I hope you and your family have been well and surviving all the snow storms."

Molly as an Adult and Cavachon Puppy

 Penelope, Molly's Mother 

Molly as Adult

Picture With Siblings

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Cavachons From The Monarchy

Molly as Newborn