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The Monarchy’s Guardian Home Program - An Overview

How does a responsible, caring breeder work to provide loving families with great puppies and at the same time give the breeding parent dogs a great life?  Our answer is to allow some of our breeding dogs to leave us and become part of another family’s life and home. If it is one of our mothers, they come back here to be bred, then come back again for a little over 8 weeks to have their puppies.

In this program, our mothers (and occasionally our sires) get the best of both worlds. The opportunity to be a companion and the happiness of a family as they settle into their forever home. They are raised, trained, socialized, loved, and cared for. What could be better?

Our fostering program is designed to maximize the socialization of our dogs. I want them all to be raised in a loving home envionment. We get peace of mind knowing our mothers are well taken care of by those who love dogs as much as we do. This breeding/parent dog lives in their forever home, grows up, is trained, is well socialized, loved and cared for and is part of the family. The person/family incurs only minimal monetary cost during the years of fostering. We pay for half the cost of food, which will include at least a partial raw food supplement, we also pay for all vet bills, vitamins, grooming, etc. What could be better?

Often called a foster or “Guardian Home” program, this plan is used by reputable breeders throughout the US.

How does it work?

  • The breeding female lives with her adoptive family returning to us when she’s “in season,” and stays with us for 7 - 12 days while she’s in heat.
  • Once she is bred, she is returned to her adoptive family to care for her and ensure she stays healthy and avoid any complications.
  • When she’s ready to deliver (whelp), she returns to us, usually about a week before her due date, and remains with us until her puppies are weaned. About 7- 8 weeks.
  • After her puppies are weaned, mama returns home to the loving arms of her adoptive guardian family.

We work with our Guardian Homes using a simple contract. We provide support and guidance all along the way, staying in contact through the year.  At the end of the Guardian Home Family contract, the female dog belongs 100% to the Guardian Family.

All are welcome to send in a Guardian Family Application – please note we are highly selective and will only approve qualified families to foster our breeding mother dogs or sires.  After reviewing the application, we will set up a telephone interview and conduct a home visit.  Our breeding program depends on the quality of care provided by our guardian families – we expect the best home life possible for our dogs.

The Monarchy is happy to provide loving, responsible families with the opportunity to have a fabulous female or male at minimal cost, in return for fostering. Below is a summary of how it works and what’s expected of the Guardian Home family.  At the end of this information you will find click-on boxes for the Guardian Family Application and the Guardian Family Contract.

Guardian Home families must live within an approximate 30 miles radius to Monson, MA. Guardian must be willing to meet us half-way-- driving to get the dog to and from our house during breeding and whelping periods.

Guardian Family Basic Requirements:

    • Guardian Family (GF) receives puppy from The Monarchy designated for the GF program.   The Monarchy is responsible for medical/veterinary care for the dog, costs for immunizations, heartworm preventative treatments, flea/tick preventative treatments, rabies immunizations and any/all other health care issues, associated costs and recordkeeping.
    • GF is responsible for potty and other training.  GF agrees to return the dog to The Monarchy for 7-10 days during heat cycle for breeding, and then will take her back home.
    • GF returns the dog to The Monarchy for delivery of litter and until puppies are weaned, total time about 7-8 weeks.
    • At the end of the contract period, The Monarchy will pay for spaying.  The Monarchy is responsible for all approved and reasonable vet costs, food, veterinary treatments and costs during the Guardianship Program.

If at any time the program does not work out for the GF, The Monarchy will take the dog back. If at any time The Monarchy determines the below guidelines/qualifications are not being followed, The Monarchy will take the dog back. Until the end of the contract period, the dog belongs to us!  After the end of the contract, the dog is 100% owned by the Guardian Family. At this time the GF is responsible for all medical and other costs.

Guardian Family Qualifications

    • Previous dog experience preferred
    • Must not be away from puppy during the first 12 months.
    • Own and live in a home with fully fenced yard or keep the mother dog on-leash at all times
    • Be willing to train the dog basic obedience commands
    • Ensure the puppy is socialized with humans and other animals
    • Provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed, approved costs to be paid by The Monarchy.
    • Feed the dog a high-end, quality food (including at least a partial raw food diet) as recommended by The Monarchy
    • Be able to identify onset of heat cycle and notify breeder
    • Must not allow female in heat near intact males
    • Communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding breeding, whelping and all aspects of dog care.


Contact Information

Please fill in the following information and someone will contact you for an interview. Please repeat your name, address and phone # in the bottom 'message' field. The family Guardian Contract will be sent to you upon acceptance into the Program. Thank you.

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