Cavachons from The Monarchy

Cavachons from The Monarchy 
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Holland, MA 01521
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Cavachon Dogs

Cavachons From The Monarchy

Charlie as an Adult and Cavachon Puppy

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Mom & Siblings

Haley, Charlie's Mother 

Name                    Mother, Sire and Date of Birth                 Adult Weight
Charlie                     Haley & Lancelot - August 11, 2013            14 pounds

Charlie as Adult

Update from Robert Foldes, Winchester, MA  February 22.  

"It is hard to believe Charlie is 1.5 years old!  But it feels like he was always with us.  Simply, he is our darling :) .  

He is doing great.  Till recent crazy snow storms I'd take him for hour long walks in the woods without leash.  He would get another walk in the evening.  We have a lady to let him out to our fenced backyard for 30 minutes around lunch time.  He often asks to go out to the yard and runs on his own there.  Very athletic.  He's in great shape, lean.  He chases around with the labs in the woods and he is keeping up! Loves other dogs as well as people.  Very social.  Learns very quickly.  Loves to look out from our windows (we are on a hill) or just veg with Zole in her room.  Sleeps under our bed on a fuzzy carpet!

We are just heading back from a vacation in Mexico.  We found a great person to leave Charlie with when away.  He runs around with her dog freely in her house.  So all is great.  I'm attaching a few pics from my phone.  I hope everything is going well for you guys, let us know."

Earlier Update:  November 17.

"Hi,  how are you?  You must be busy with the 7 puppies.

Charlie is doing great.  Healthy and sweet.  We made good progress on controlling his nipping.  He sleeps through the night (9 hours).  He started to go to the backdoor if he needs to go.  We saw our vet on Friday to get another shot.  He was cleared for walks in town so we took him out on a leash very first time yesterday.  He did not mind the harness at all and was not pulling nor chewing on the leash.  We could tell that our Zoe was a proud owner as people were stopping by and admiring handsome Charlie.  He gave kisses to everyone, including a small boy who was trying to pull his tail!

Earlier Update:  October 31 from Zuzanna Foldes:

He is so precious.  Seeing his face in the morning and when we come home is just priceless.  He keeps us really busy but he has made huge progress:

  • sleeps through the night

  • loves his crate with his toys

  • loves to give kisses

  • he is very curious and really funny

  • sits and comes on command (and prospect of getting a cheerio)

  • is getting better with not climbing on sofa and not digging into carpets . . . and with nipping!

I could go on and on . . . Charlie already has had a lot of visitors but we are still keeping him only in the backyard until his last vaccination is complete.  He is seeing the vet on November 2.  Zoe can't wait to parade him around the neighborhood on a leash.  

Thank you so much again for this beautiful addition to our family.  ~ Zuzanna Foldes

(See more pictures and video of Charlie below.)

Charlie as Newborn

Lancelot, Charlie's Father