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Bristol as an Adult and Cavachon Puppy

Name                        Mother, Sire and Date of Birth                 Adult Weight
Bristol                    Beignet & Brady - October 9, 2013                 17 pounds

Bristol and Siblings

January 2014

I've been following the Cava Site and reading the conversation about food and snacks.  Bristol loves her Blue Buffalo, and hasn't had any trouble with it at all.  She does scratch often, but I think it's the need for a moisturizing bath again.  She loves being rubbed and petted, and responds with affection to any such attention.   She's been sleeping all night for quite a while now.  I take her out to potty just before she goes to bed for the night, and she doesn't wake up until 7:30 in the morning.  We're pretty consistent with her "go outside" needs, which seem to be many and have had only a few (4) accidents.  My kitchen has become her day pen with the 2 doors into it blocked off, and her crate near the wall.  I move it to my room at night.  I don't know what the next step to complete housebreaking is, but we'll figure it out.

I'm trying to teach her to bring toys to me.  She gets so excited to have a treat for doing it that she won't do it a second time!  She's so funny.  She does now come when we call her to us by name.  Good girl.

We have many visitors, so her social interaction is good.  She due for her next shots mid-January and her puppy classes begin right after that.  I haven't taken her out anywhere, and want to wait for the boosters.  I think her first trip will be to Petco.  I've told a few people there about her, and they want to meet her.  A couple of tellers at my bank are waiting for me to bring her in.  She's a lot of fun for us here, and we're glad she's a member of our family.

~ Deb Richt and Family, Sturbridge, Mass.(See more pictures of Bristol below.)

 Baby Bristol 

February 23, 2014

During this house-breaking time, Bristol (and her crate) spends the day in our gated-off kitchen.  At first we replaced our delicious-to-chew-on Vermont Maple table and chairs with a metal card table and chairs.  She still thought the metal table legs relieved her sore gums.  Bitter Apple spray changed her opinion.  I found I still had to reapply it every day or two.  We now have the maple kitchen set back in place, and with an application from time to time, she isn't chewing on anything wooden or otherwise in the house. Yes, she even tried the cabinet corners, the metal Whirlpool decal on the front of the dishwasher, the baseboards, people's goes on and on.  NaturVet makes a product called Bitter Yuck that's water-based and alcohol-free recommended by our local pet store. I bought a bottle in case, but Bitter Apple works really well right now.  Her preferred things to chew on these days are the medium-size Himalayan Dog can get them on  Per our request, our pet store now carries them.  Our nice kitchen set is grateful!

Beignet, Bristol's Mother  | Brady, Bristol's Father  

Bristol came to us in December 2013, so she's now almost 15 months old.  She's still very much a puppy, but acting more and more like a grown-up girl.  She's lively, loving and cares for everyone in the family.  Last summer we went through obedience classes at Compatible Canine here in Sturbridge.  We brought my 6 year old granddaughter too, and she also learned a lot about dog/owner training.  Actually, it's much more about training the human than training the dog!

Bristol is crate trained, and has loved it from the beginning.  She was completely housebroken by 10 months and hasn't had an accident since then.  I made the mistake of buying her too many stuffed, soft toys when she was little, so she now loves to steal socks and balled up tissues or napkins.  It's really a "bet you can't catch me" game.  She'll drop it if she knows there's a treat in your hand....which means I've been trained, not her, right?
She's a true companion and loves to cuddle beside me in my comfy chair in front of the TV every night.  During the day she follows me everywhere, and wants to know what I'm doing.  I often take her with me in the car and she loves to go anywhere I go.  My granddaughters live with their Mum and Dad downstairs, so the children are always around to play with her.  We're all so happy with our Bristol!


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Bristol as Adult


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