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The Monarchy now offers an ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program' exclusively for our adoptive families. 

The following goals will be reached with our ‘Accelerated Puppy Training Program’:

Your puppy will adjust away from the litter, (which is more dog oriented), to an environment which is more people oriented.  

Your puppy will be crate trained--meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold potty and remain quiet overnight and for extended periods during the day in the crate and/or puppy playpen.

Your puppy will use The Monarchy's proven system of potty training, with good consistency; and, he/she will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make continued house training much easier.

Your puppy will be introduced to walking on a lead and will become familiar with wearing a collar and leash.

Your puppy will learn its name and will be introduced to the ‘sit’ command which will establish the relationship for ‘listening.’  This is introduced during the end of the first week and reinforced during the 2nd full week.  The reason we introduce and practice the 'sit' command is so you can remember to always ask your puppy to perform something for you, before you do anything with your puppy that is positive, such as feeding, walking, playing, going outdoors.  The main purpose in asking your puppy to do this for you, is to help establish the 'human' as the 'alpha' in the family.  This is one of dozens of ways to help establish the humans as the alphas, and in turn, this helps 'produce' a puppy who looks to you as the leader and becomes very trainable. 

Your puppy will be introduced to basic grooming and maintenance such as coat brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth cleaning.  During the last half of training, the use of the crate will be reduced to only 3-4 times during the day as well as during the night.  This is because the first week of training has laid down the foundation of potty-training so that the hourly use of the crate is reduced to only a few times during the day.  

This program is most suited for those who do not want, or cannot handle, those first messy and noisy days of crate training.  Puppies enrolled in the program will have been introduced to the potty training process and will know what is expected of them when they are outdoors to potty.  They will require a good deal of attention to continue the potty training in your home.   For more information, please contact The Monarchy.  Registration is limited.

Accelerated Training Program  $1500 for 2 weeks

Cavachons from the Monarchy offers an: 'Accelerated Training Program', 
exclusively for our adoptive families.  Enrollment is very limited and there is no guarantee that this program will be run every month.  We offer this program on a month-by-month basis and only after a litter is born.

"As first time dog owners who had no prior experience with puppies, we were quite excited and anxious about adopting a puppy. The Accelerated Training Program offered by The Monarchy was an invaluable service to give our pup a head start in house and crate training. More importantly, our puppy came home well socialized with humans and other animals. During the process, we received regular updates on our puppy's progress that served as blue print for when he came home. We have essentially continued the same routine as established by his training program. Fuzzy has performed exceptionally well and easily adjusted to his new home and family. We are impressed by and highly recommend the Accelerated program to all new puppy owners, especially for busy families with working parents." 

Polya Baghelai, South Bend, Indiana

The Accelerated Puppy Training Program!
Begins at age 8 weeks.

“I've been waiting to send you an email because I’ve been waiting every day for the ball to drop and I didn't want to jinx myself!  What a great puppy!  Knock on wood, she’s accident free!  Amazing what she must have learned in that couple weeks she spent with you in the training program!  I have to say we do take her out a lot but she definitely can go at least 2 hours.  She did wake up last night at 3 a.m. but as soon as I took her out she pooped and pee’d right away so I don’t blame her at all.”

~ Tracie Brown, Maynard, MA

“I think the Accelerated Training Program you gave her was very helpful and worth it.  The biggest thing for me was the potty training.  The first night we brought her home she stayed in the crate a full 7 hours without an accident.  The crate training was huge for me.  She did have a few accidents in the house the first two weeks but I think it would have been much worse without the training.  Also, she clearly knew what to do when we brought her outside.  She also never gave us any problem with putting on a collar or a leash.  I think the training with the commands was good but I don't think two weeks was enough to learn sit, down and come.  She definitely knew sit and she picked up down very quickly.  The come command, though, is still a challenge for us.” 

 ~ Diana Overlan, Stoneham, MA

After Accelerated Training Program:

    "She's been wonderful.  She is in LOVE with the kids, gets so excited when they get out of school!  Loves the car!  Potty training going well .. . . accident free.
    Sleeps great at night but I'm still getting her up at 5:15 to be safe.  Hoping I can stretch that a bit soon . . . 
    ~ Stephanie Mourtzinos, Chelmsford, MA

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What Other Families Have Said About This Program!

​“The accelerated training program offered by Melanie and Terry at Cavachons from The Monarchy is truly exceptional!  They went above and beyond to make sure you are kept informed of the progress of your puppy throughout the entire process.  I looked forward to the updates to see how my new puppy was progressing.  They cover everything that a new, responsible puppy owner needs.  The crate training was invaluable.  My new puppy Harley slept in his crate through the night from day one with no accidents and no crying.  While the training program lays a great foundation for going to the bathroom outside, setbacks have to be expected when you bring your little one into a new environment.  However, there was never any hesitation by Harley to go outside, do his business and quickly!  I think the accelerated training program overall allowed Harley to have a great foundation for not only potty training but with name recognition and grooming.  He was always comfortable with having his paws touched, cleaning around his eyes and his teeth.  It was also a bonus to have him sitting on command from such an early age!  Overall, this is a phenomenal program that I would recommend to anyone who wants a smoother transition when getting a new puppy!”

~ Natalie Z.  Shaw, Highland Hills, New York.

Cavachons from The Monarchy