Cavachons from The Monarchy

Cavachons from The Monarchy 
100 Maybrook Road
Holland, MA 01521
413-893-9012 or 413-455-4374

Our Cavachons are bred following the expert guidance of Timshell Farm in Arizona. They have 20 years of experience in breeding beautiful and healthy Cavachons and other cross-breeds. Timshell Farm is the third-oldest specialty Cavachon breeder in the U.S. They no longer breed Cavachons and are concentrating on a limited number of exceptional cross-breeds. 

Timshell Farm has had photos of their puppies/dogs on the cover of Life Magazine. They are recognized as an owner-recommended breeder on such websites as www
goldendoodles. com and many of their puppies have been trained for work as therapy and service dogs for hospitals and schools. The Monarchy is proud to have had Timshell Farm as a mentor, for their experience and guidance in breeding the finest quality Cavachon puppies. Sound health, low to no-shedding coats, beautiful faces, and gentle temperaments are our priorities.

Melanie with Louie

Each puppy is a unique treasure.  We provide high standards of care, safety and comfort with no corners cut.  We follow a vigorous state of the art vaccination and deworming program.  Our puppies can be expected to retain their good health and vitality as they mature into adult dogs.

Our puppies are sold with care and training instructions and a written health warranty for genetic disorders.

We look forward to a relationship with you for many years to come.

Cavachon Puppies For Sale

Terry with Ruby

About Us

The Monarchy is located in Holland, Massachusetts, a rural community in Western Massachusetts.  For fifteen years we have also been a breeder of monarch butterflies for release, at special events and ceremonies, hence, the name The Monarchy.   Our new and exciting endeavor is to breed designer dogs with hybrid vigor.

Laurie with Phoebe

Lord Brady and Lady Beignet with Tina